For the past several days, Deb and I have been visiting our son and his family in Coral Springs, Fl.  We’ve had a ball playing with the grandkids.  But that is another story.  

Just this past Tuesday (it seems longer when life is moving at the speed of light) we got up at 3 am, dressed while still half asleep, and headed for Memphis International Airport for our flight to Fort Lauderdale, FL.  I knew it would be cool in the airports and on the planes so I wore my black, long-sleeved, No Perfect People Allowed t-shirt.  We didn’t much more than get into Memphis International than someone commented on the shirt.  A little further into the airport and it happened again.  When we boarded our flight to Atlanta (it was a two-parter), one of the flight attendants made a comment and smiled.  I turned sideways so he could see the back.  He read the church name and said, “Hey, I’ve heard of that church.”


When our brief flight to Atlanta ended, we were deplaning and Debbie handed that same flight attendant one of our invite cards and told him, ‘Here is your personal invitation from the pastor’s wife.”  Again, he smiled.  This time he said, “I’ll email you!”  Is that cool or what.

We then made our way through Hartsfield, one of the busiest airports in the world.  Lots of stares, lots of stares.  One TSA agent made a comment as we scurried down to our gate.  At one point we decided to go back for coffee.  She didn’t notice us.  But then, as we passed her by the third time, she smile and made another very nice comment.


Right now, I’m sitting in Ft. Lauderdale International airport and people are still reading the t-shirt–many wondering what it means.  Someone will ask. . .or make a comment. . .and the mission goes on.  

To all our friends at TCALF, remember to wear your NPPA shirt when you are out in the community.  Free advertising for Jesus is the best kind.  When someone makes a comment, invite them to church.  Give ’em a big smile, tell them God is doing some great things in your life and at your church.




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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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