Body Rock

Sunday, April 6th, 2014 is the 35th anniversary of my decision to trust Christ as Savior & Lord.  Life with Jesus has been a wild ride.  My poor wife never expected to be married to a preacher, much less a crazy one.  God allowed us to “raise” a son who is a wonderful dad, great husband, fine theologian, educator and leading children’s minister.  He gave me the opportunity to go to seminary to get an unbelievable education–Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary & Reformed Seminary.  God has blessed me beyond measure, letting me lead The Church at Lake Forest for almost 24 years.  He had surrounded me with godly leaders and great families. I’m having a blast.

If I live through the end of June, I’ll be 61 years old.  Some days I feel 16 and others I feel, well . . .old.  My wife Debbie and I have been married for almost 42 years.  We were born a week apart in the same hospital.  We do most things together, including working out at our local gym/fitness center–Desoto Athletic Club.  

A few years ago, I had some serious health problems that you might identify with: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high body weight, high fat content, high this and high that.  Sometimes I hate the word high.  When my parents died (I buried them on the same day), my health issues came to a head–severe chest pain, dizziness, arms aching, all the indicators of a heart attack.  My cardiologist confirmed as much and gave me a choice.  Either change my diet and begin an exercise regimen. . .or die.  I didn’t like the second choice.  So, I set out on a multi-year plan to change habits and health.  For the most part it has worked pretty well.  I’d like to say I’m now a picture of health but that’d be a stretch (for those of you who are highly spiritual–a lie).  

I trudge on.  Oh yeah, my weight is as low as it’s been in 20 years, my cholesterol is lower than it’s been in a long time, my fat percentage is low, my blood pressure is the same as it was when I was 16 and life continues to be a blast.  I still eat meat ’cause I’m a classic carnivore.  I just don’t eat as much or as often.  As I get older I’ve moved away from food being my good friend to being that which fuels my engine.  Every stinking time I get to chummy with food, I get in trouble.  I bet you’re the same.

All that brings me to the real reason for writing this blog.  On Saturday, April 5th, the day before my spiritual anniversary, I’m beginning a new chapter in my personal quest toward good health.  I’m going to be sharing a lot of the stuff I’ve learned as I have moved toward becoming a personal trainer.  Training is not a new career for me, it’s just a natural progression as a minister–as I teach people how to care for their soul, I want to help them with their body, too. 

At 8:30 AM, on Saturday, April 5th, I’m beginning a fitness class I call, Body Rock: high intensity, circuit training.  We’re going to do it at TCALF in the fellowship hall.  Fun, fun, fun.  Hard, hard, hard.  It really doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced gymnomaniac.  I have three levels of intensity planned to help you along.  I hope you will consider coming.  I really want to assist you as you realize your need to do better so you can feel better and do more!

AND, I need your help.  Some of the equipment I thought was going to be donated, hasn’t materialized and I have a few, specific needs.  I’m listing them below:

1.  I need a big ‘ole, heavy tractor tire. Big and heavy.

2.  I need an exercise bench (or weight bench).

3.  I need step/jump boxes.

4.  I need exercise ropes: 1-1/2 to 2″ in diameter by about 30 feet long.

Also, if anyone has any hand weights, dumb bells (not your spouse), jump ropes, kettle bells or such stuff that you want to get out of your house, let me know–I’ll take it and put it to good use. The best place to contact me is  

This is going to be fun!


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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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