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I am American.  I am more American than many, if not most, Americans.  My heritage is American Indian, Souix Nation to be precise.  Some would call me a half-breed; I’ve been called much worse.  I just call myself American.

Americans, citizens that is, regardless of what adjective you put in front of the word to give gender or racial specificity to it, are under open attack–by Americans.  To be more to the point, our court system seems out to get us.

In a recent article by Fox News and Associated Press, it is reported that a California court ruled that is was OK for a high school to force students to turn their American flag shirts inside-out on Cinco de Mayo (a Mexican holiday) “due to fears of racial violence.”  

I want to make something very clear right here.  For my part, anyone who comes to visit America is welcome.  It doesn’t matter if they are Hispanic, Muslim, or whatever hot-button group you want to mention.  It is necessary for me to think like this because I am also a Christian–a believer–a Christ follower.  But I also want to make it clear that in America, American’s rights and privileges guaranteed by the United States of America Constitution are supposed to come before any desire, want, concern, or complaint of the visitors.

For far too long now, the judicial system has operated out of the notion that the Constitution either doesn’t matter anymore or it should be “interpreted” according to the will of the various courts.  Hogwash.  The US Constitution was written and put into place to protect Americans.  

Liberals, progressives, and those who deny God want to get their way each and every time something doesn’t go to suit them–often at the peril of the Constitution.  The big problem with this is America is NOT a democracy.  America is a constitutional republic.  Eyes have  been blinded and ears confused by the noise of those who want to destroy the precious nature of our country.  

If Latino kids want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in America, I say let ‘er rip.  But don’t do it at the expense of those who make it possible for you to celebrate.  That’s not only foolish, it’s stupid.  America was founded on a Christian construct.  We ought to keep it that way.


Published by tsideqah

Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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