Walking a New Path

Today was absolutely phenomenal. I woke around 4 AM and immediately thought about the high school and college students we would honor during worship @ TCALF. For the past 25+ years, I’ve presented a lot of bibles, encouraged students to stay in the word, and challenged them to walk with God and live a dynamic life of service as they face their own unique futures.

Today was no different. There was a slight twist. The whole time I was preaching, I knew the moment was fast approaching when I would tell my loving church family that my time to retire was here. I had the joy of reminding everyone that retirement is not and should not be an ending. It’s simply a change. A good one.

Today was a day of rejoicing, prayer, thanksgiving, and fun, yes fun. We enjoyed every minute of fellowship. We had a great meal. We worshiped with great music. Friends offered warm embraces and kind words. Debbie and I were completely at ease.

Today was not a day of doubt nor regret. God has proven faithful throughout the years and this day was no different. With confidence, God allowed me to preach his word, plead the Gospel to the lost, and offer encouragement to believers. When it came time to share my heart about retiring, God made it easy.

Today was a day of beginnings, not endings. As I prepare to leave TCALF, God is preparing someone to lead. Whoever it is, he will be a tremendous blessing to this church and its future. My confidence runs high because every time God does something grand for one of us, he does the same for those around us.

Today was a day of hard work. I was amazed at how the men and women at TCALF prepared for the best fellowship ever. As long as the day was, the effort made it pleasant and full of joy. It’s been great to see God working in lives, raising up leaders, and making it easy for me to start walking my new path.  I want to thank the staff for the organization, “chef K” and his helpers for cooking, and everyone else who made this a great day.

Speaking of new paths, God is already at work in my heart and Debbie’s heart helping us understand that as we leave this place that has been home for nearly half our adult lives, he has something else for us that will allow us to continue to steer people toward Jesus and his word.

Today was a great day. Tomorrow will be even better. Thanks again to everyone who has shown their love to us. We are blessed.

Published by tsideqah

Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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