The OC

A lot of people I know are OC–Obsessive Compulsive. Some of us are, or used to be, OCD. If you have ever suffered from OCD, you know life can sometimes be pretty miserable. It goes a lot further than “a place for everything and everything in its place.” I remember a time when I couldn’t function in my study unless all my pencils (when people still used wooden pencils) were arranged in order by length, label up, and erasers cleaned.  I don’t think I’m still OCD, but I’ll readily admit I still have some OC in my blood.

A disorder is anything that lacks  order or regular arrangement. When your mind can’t deal with the lack of order, you have OCD. The stories I could tell.

Now, though, I’m dealing with a totally different type of OC. I call it over compensating. If you’ve read my previous posts lately, you know that about 8 weeks ago I had a stent put in my heart as the result of chest and arm pain that was caused by a 99% blocked artery.  The surgery was pretty simple and straightforward, the recovery has been more difficult than I imagined, and I still wonder when the next chest pain will rear its ugly head.

That’s where the OC comes into play. I guess you could say I’m a little “gun shy” or like a burned child I “dread fire.” It’s not a matter of worry, I simply don’t want to feel that way again.

So, I’ve avoided a very important part of recovery; fitness. Yep, fitness. I know, I know. I’m the guy who preaches fitness right beside the Gospel. That’s because I believe in it–a lot. In fact, I still remember the doctor telling me I probably survived because I was so fit.

How, then, do I overcome this form of OC? How do I get back at it? Can I? Yes, I can. For me, and for you, it is a matter of faith. I have faith in Jesus. You have faith in something or someone. I hope it’s him.  My faith tells me that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. That pretty much covers it, doesn’t it. If I really believe that, and I do, as long as I have breath and ability, I can take care of myself, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

This morning, after way too much over compensating, a bunch of prayer, and encouragement from a lot of people, I went back to the gym. Gym can actually be a scary word, you know. But it wasn’t nearly as harrowing as I imagined; surprise, surprise.

Some of the muscle tone is gone (temporarily), stamina is pretty much at rock bottom, and the meds cause me to be a little short on O² absorption. My first hour back at it actually went pretty well. I didn’t have to use my nitro spray (it was rubber banded to my water bottle), I didn’t have any unusual pains, and right now, 8 hours later, other than being a little sore, I actually feel pretty stoked.

So much for OC, huh. Easing back into action is actually pretty difficult for me. I so wanted to light out with some wind sprints on the track as other runners passed me while I was walking.  I could have run and hurt myself but I chose to walk and help myself.

I may never get back to where I was physically; I’ll never stop trying. As long as I’m breathing, I keep pressing toward the mark of the high calling in Jesus Christ.

I. . .CAN. . .do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)

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