Breakfast with some crunch

Day 20 – This morning, I had the joy of having breakfast with the old guys from TCALF, my generation. I’ve been trying to spend some time with each generational group lately to hear what’s on their hearts and to encourage them as they walk with God. And, of course, I throw in a little fitness encouragement to boot.

This biscuits and gravy at the old country store were tasty and that set up my Saturday morning workout at the gym. I  was stretched pretty good from Friday so I did a short prelim stretch and went straight to the elliptical for some quick cardio and joint return. After that, I did a few hundred prone crunches and spent some time with free weights before closing out with some more cardio on the stair master. That thing is a beast.

Afterward, I spent some time with Deb and we just hung out together for the afternoon before I retired to my office to get ready for Sunday. That’s  when the foam roller came out and went under my feet while I studied. Wow, that was good.


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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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