Back to the Steps

Day 21 – BODY BASIC Stepping Class is going to be a favorite of mine this year. It’s kind of weird staying in one place with a routine that’s not terribly difficult on the one hand and one the other hand is brutal if you really get into it. I’ll jus t tell you that after 20 minutes of stepping to the beat, I was dripping wet–worn out and feeling great right before leading a bible study. Thankfully, no one gets very close when I’m teaching on Sunday evening. I’m pretty sure I stinketh.

BODY BASIC Stepping Class, just in case you are interested, is at TCALF (The Church At Lake Forest) on Sunday evenings @ 5 PM in our fitness center. Anyone can come, there’s no charge, and it’s a lot of fun and hard work. As the year progresses, the routines will be longer, quicker, and a little more difficult. But, as always with our classes, you just work at our own level.

Later on in the year, we’ll add some combat training and Tai Chi to the mix just to keep things moving along.  I’ll tell you what I tell my students–do the best you can, don’t give up, and keep on moving.

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