Surprise, Surprise

Day 12 – It’s a snow day! I don’t know why because there’s very little snow. The prognosticators did their best, but they missed it here in the Memphis metro area. The result, the gym was pretty empty except for a few died hards and as it happened, some high school students I know. They decided that since they were out of school and lived close by, they’d take advantage of their membership and get in some extra gym time.

I was upstairs walking, loosening up my joints and stretching my calf muscles to do a few wind sprints. The guys asked me if they could join me. Of course, I told them yes, I just told them they’d have to wait for the old man to catch up.

The further we got into it the more they realized, as I did, that my old body still has some speed in it. After nearly a mile of on/off half throttle sprint and walks, I told them we should do wide open post to post sprints for the last four loops.  They agreed and we took off. Their long, young legs took off and got ahead of me to about the half way post and then my 40+ years of running kicked in and I left them in my dust! Yes!!! (In case you don’t get it, I’m bragging).

Now, on Saturday they’ll probably sleep in, play some video games, and go right back to being loose and ready for more. Me, not so much. Every muscle from my butt to my toes is screaming bloody murder. But I had to do it, didn’t I?

While I can, I’m going to work on myself while I try to help others work on their “self” because they night in not far off when I won’t be able to work anymore.

Published by tsideqah

Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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