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Day 11 – Honestly, this is getting a little easier now–and somewhat scary. Why scary? Well, first, I actually like going to the gym. The grimace on my face when I’m working out might not show it, but it’s true. Sweating, stretching muscles, and gaining strength while I listen to Santana feels pretty good. Second, I know it’s good for me. The more I do this, the lower my cholesterol gets, the lower my weight gets (yahoo), and I’m able to do more because I’m stronger.

And, then, there’s scary. I wear a heart monitor when I work out. It’s just a chest band that sends a signal back to a fitness watch to let me know how I’m doing with calorie burn and percentages of stress on my heart.  The big number I watch is heart-rate. How many beats each minute are happening as I exert myself. The first few days, walking across the gym floor got my heart-rate up.  That’s just sick.

After a few more days, my heart didn’t get as excited about exertion. And after a few more days, it became increasingly difficult to get my heart to peak. Now I’m really pushing myself to get my heart-rate up to where I want it to have the kind of burn I want.

The good news is that the more I work my heart the stronger it gets. And believe me, that’s the one muscle in my body that needs to be really strong. I’ve have my share of “heart trouble” and I don’t want any more. So, I guess it’s going well at this point.

I just hope I don’t drop dead doing something stupid.  That would look bad.

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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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