Week 2

Day 8 – Here we go. . .today has been a bear even though I got to start late because of the holiday. Dr. Martin Luther King Day hit at just the right time, kind of like he did. Dr. King came at a time when he was most needed and he did the most good he could before his life was ended way too early.

Sleeping in for me is rare, so laying around until after 7 AM was a treat. We worked around the house this morning and then headed over to the church to do some work in our fellowship hall/all purpose room/fitness center. Our team has remodeled the room with fresh paint and repairs and today Debbie and I decided to start refinishing the floors. There’s nothing quite like trying to control a commercial buffer/stripper for 4 hours. Well, maybe trying to break a wild horse would compare. I stripped–that sounds odd–and Deb mopped. She dogged that mop and bucket like a pro.

We had a late lunch and a power nap and then I got myself together and headed to the gym at about 6 PM.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do much because I was pretty stressed out in my low back from dogging that machine. But after a long warm up, I was ready to hit it and I actually had a good workout. Did I want to go to the gym this evening. Nope. Did I have a bucket full of excuses to keep me at home. Yep. But this is a revolution, not a resolution. It’s too late to turn back or give up now. I’m 25% of the way to my goal. When I reach it, and I will, the next one will not be nearly as aggressive, but it will keep me on track.

Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Philippians 3:12 [ESV]

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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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