Sexual Identity

A few days ago, someone ask me about the sex and gender debate. I’m not sure that person liked my answer. I’m going to share it here so there is no question where I stand on the matter.

My answer, quite simply, is that there is no difference. Gender fluidity, as it described today, is nothing more than perversion. My old 1958 Webster’s School Dictionary defines perversion as “a turning away from truth or propriety.” This is exactly what is happening in the world now.

Perverts, or those who have turned away from truth–not their truth or a truth but the truth well established by real scientists many centuries ago–are wielding a societal sword of chaos in an attempt to get rational people to begin thinking irrationally. In other words, truth becomes error and error becomes truth.

Except, in this discussion, the argument is not about “error” but about absolute denial of anything scientific and reasonable. No amount of surgery, makeup, clothing or anything else can make a man a woman or a woman a man. Period.

The whole idea of a “birthing person” as opposed to a woman who gives birth is ridiculous. The people who support such a description have, at some level, lost their minds. Where they lost them I have not a clue. But it is obvious their agenda is not one to help people understand their true identity as a person but, rather, to confuse them. People are confused enough when they know what they are. They don’t need any more help.

The presence of men in women’s sporting events is no less stupid–yeah, that’s right, stupid. Men and women are substantially different in many ways. You can deny it all you want. It’s still true. Generally, men are stronger and faster whether you like it or not. Pitting males against females in any sport and calling it fair is a travesty.

Make no mistake, though. The argument is not about individual rights no matter how loud the ludicrous left shouts. The endgame for this bunch of miscreants, along with much, if not all government agencies and public press, is control. They talk a good talk about diversity and fairness. But that is not what they want. They want to control everything you do so you are required to go to them for permission–permission to act and permission to disagree. And if you disagree with their faulty thinking, you are the one who is wrong, not them.

So, what do you do? Do you keep quiet and let it “run its course?” I think not. The time to stand up and speak out against this foolish turn of human events is now. If not now, later will be too late and your children and grand children will be duped into believing it is OK to be a pervert. It is not. So there.

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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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