It’s a Trick

There is something going on around us that is not right. You know it and I know it. But somehow, we can’t exactly identify what it is. If you’ve ever seen the movie, Matrix, you know what I’m talking about. And, no, I don’t believe we’re living in some dream world, although if you watch or listen to much new programming, maybe some people are.

What do I mean by “It’s a trick?” We are being tricked into believing things that simply aren’t true. And the tricksters are not just government mouthpieces and sexual perverts—even though there are plenty of those to go around.

For example, Stellantis (the French-Italian company that makes Chrysler products), has been hyping it’s new all-electric Dodge Charger. This EV, that has nothing in it’s mechanical system that produces high pressure exhaust, somehow sounds like a V8 when the accelerator is pushed down. How is that even possible? Dodge calls it the Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust. In reality, it is a recording pumped through tubes to make it sound like a gas burner. Some people are going to fall for it, buy it, and still sit on the side of the road or in their garage while the thing recharges it batteries. It’s a trick.

Here’s another one. If you listen to the pundits of the Federal Reserve, the Washington wags,  and even some business leaders, the US economy is stronger than ever, there really is no sign of recession, the work force is strong, and inflation is not as bad as we think. How do they manage to convince people the situation is OK. They ignore the facts. Gas prices only moderated when the president used the strategic reserves as a way to feed the supply we use every day. He’s doing it again right now so you see the daily commodity prices fall and then a little tick downward at the pump. And yet we as a nation are buying foreign oil instead of producing our own all in the name of green energy. It’s a trick.

The federal government and their mass media darlings are reporting that more people are working than every before, unemployment is low, and wages are high. If that’s the case, why is almost every store front in America posting Help Wanted signs in their windows, on their social media pages, and across the spectrum of employment websites? The big reason for that is people have left the job market and are depending on government handouts and family for help. Where Is the evidence? According to a writer for Credible, who tracks credit and debt trends, “consumer credit increased at the end of 2022 amid high inflation and a rising interest rate environment.” This consumer credit debacle increased by $30 billion with most of the increase coming from credit card debt. The reported experts say that record delinquencies are coming in 2023. Why can’t people see this happening in their own household? It’s a trick.

And then there is the whole question of sexuality. Is sexuality and gender two parts of the same thing or are they totally separate? The short answer is yes, they are. There are two sexes/genders: male and female, period. The whole gender dsyphoria/identity/preference argument has no basis in fact. Eighth grade biology makes that perfectly clear. And the medical profession, at least those in it that are honest, know better. All the claimed differences in who can be a man and who can be a woman are just part of another trick. Perversion is real whether you want to admit it or not. 

This list goes on and on—questions of history, race, the universe, and others are staring us in the face everyday. Are the things flying overhead Chinese balloons or alien spacecraft? What a zoo. But here’s the idea I want to leave you with. Why is all this happening? In a nutshell, CONTROL. The movers and shakers in government and industry want to tell you where you can go, what you can do, and when you can do it. And make no mistake, they will go to whatever lengths they need to try and make it happen. So look out, your are being tricked.

Published by tsideqah

Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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