Jesus is Calling

This morning, as I was moving from a deep, restful sleep into the real world (that happens to me at about 3 AM every morning), an old, old song invaded my mind. . .Jesus Is Tenderly Calling. Fanny J. Crosby wrote this great call to the wayward, weary soul in 1883.  It goes like this [you’ll have to imagine the tune as I did]

Verse: Jesus is tenderly calling you home, calling today, calling today.  Why from the sunshine of love will you roam, farther and farther away?

Refrain: Calling today, calling today, Jesus is calling, is tenderly calling today.  

Verse: Jesus is calling the weary to rest, calling today, calling today; bring Him your burden and you shall be blest; He will not turn you away.

Verse: Jesus in waiting, oh, come to Him now, waiting today, waiting today; come with your sins, at His feet lowly bow; come, and no longer delay.

Verse: Jesus in pleading, oh, list to His voice, hear Him today, hear Him today; they who believe on His name shall rejoice; quickly arise and away.

This and many others songs in hymnals are called Invitations.  Invitation to what?  Well, it could be an invitation to faith in Christ.  That is reflected in the last verse.  Everyone who hears His voice, through Scripture, through a song, through another person’s words, and believes on HIs name, comes into a living, breathing relationship with God.  Pretty cool, huh?

For me, this morning, the tune and the words were a reminder.  Reminder of what?  

First, God was reminding me not to wander too far from home.  Homebase for me is the Word. Why? It’s where I find the most comfort, like being under a warm blanket by a roaring fire. . .at home.  

God was reminding me to rest.  I don’t know about you, but I’m busy.  It seems like I’m always busy.  Busy, busy, busy.  I love reading the Bible just to read it, but I have to dig deep into it for weekly sermons.  That keeps me busy.  I enjoy going to South America on mission.  You probably can’t imagine how much work goes into planning.  That keeps me busy.  Playing guitar in our praise band at church really gets my blooding moving.  Lots of rehearsing.  That keeps me busy.  Many other things reach out for my time. too.  And they all help keep me busy.  I need to rest.  Where is that blanket and fire?

God was reminding me that I’m not as strong as I think I am.  I’m a weak sinner.  I desperately want to be an overcomer in every part of life. . .but the truth is, I’m not.  Each and every time I think I’ve got a handle on this or that, the world slaps me up side the head with something new. . .or something from my past.  Bowing at Jesus’ feet is pretty important.

And God was reminding me that most of the world needs Him.  They don’t know Him. They don’t care about Him.  Heck, the don’t even acknowledge Him.  But He’s still calling, tenderly calling today.



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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

3 thoughts on “Jesus is Calling

  1. We know we have to continue on the level which He has brought us to. He and He only can give us the wisdom in how to handle our current capabilities. This is a good blog of He IS Calling and we answer the call.

  2. Absolutely what I needed to hear.
    Thanks for the memory of the song and the reminder of its meaning. In this moment, my heart is full.

  3. Mac Davis sang a song called “STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES” I am sure it is on You-Tube go ahead and listen to it.

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