shoes in the desert

Here we go again. . .literally.  This Wednesday, the day after Christmas, 18 missioners including me, will board a plane for Lima, Peru.  After a 4 hour bus ride south of Lima, we will begin an intense 4-day mission among the wonderful people in the Canete area.

We are going to represent our Lord and in some small way fulfill his words in Matthew 25:34-40 [take a minute to read it]. We are going to give away thousands of t-shirts that have been donated by wonderful people from all over Desoto County, MS.  We will be able to give away nearly 1,000 bibles because people gave from their hard earned money.  We will feed over 1,000 meals to adults and chidden who are hungry.  And we will wash nearly 1,000 pairs of dusty feet and put a brand new pair of shoes on them.

What a way to spend Christmas!

It truly is a beautiful picture–American teenagers, adults, and senior adults walking among the sweet people of Peru, giving them things they need and giving them the thing they need the most, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I think I’ll get to preach at least one of the 7 or 8 sermons delivered.  This will be my first time to preach in Spanish.  If you look back to my very first blog entry, you’ll realize how important this is for me.

God has given me a great big vision–and He is great big God! In the near future, we want to establish a Christian bible school/seminary in the area.  We want to help supply housing for families.  We want to help establish more churches.  

Pray for us while we’re gone.  And check Facebook in the next several days for regular reports.  We are all very excited to go–come an go with us sometime!

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