Christmas is NOT about giving

Tis the season, they will say as they spend their billions.  Giving gifts wrapped in shiny paper is what Christmas is all about right?  Not at all.  The complete and utter secularization of the holiday has convinced the majority of well-meaning people that the proper way to celebrate Christmas is to give presents.  The fact is most people giving those gifts are clueless about what their giving represents.  

Even Christians have lost (or never had) a clear understanding of Christmas.  At churches we sing sweet little Jesus boy and present the Son of the Living God as a baby in a manger.  And everyone in attendance says, “Oh, how sweet that is.”  

After the “holidays,” we pack up the mangers, forget the songs, and go on with a life that is devoid of the true meaning of Christmas.  OK, I know what your thinking.  If you are so smart, What is the meaning of Christmas?  I’m so glad you asked.

Christmas is about God given to man.  Swapping presents is fun; I enjoy seeing my grandkids open their gifts, nothing wrong with that.  But if I’m going to teach them, and anyone else who will listen, the truth about Christmas, I must carefully explain that the Eternal Son of Holy God came to this world to save lost mankind.

I was born lost, deserving hell and eternal punishment apart from God.  So were you.  You can like it or lump it, it’s still the truth.  God gave us the perfect gift to redeem us from that awful estate, His Son.  

When we realize our need and respond in repentance and faith, then and only then can we understand Christmas. Giving gifts, lighting lights, singing songs, and having pageants may illustrate the truth about Christmas but in our society that truth has been lost in those same bright lights and beautiful music.

Please do your best to remember why we celebrate Christmas.  God gave his Son; His Name is Jesus.


Published by tsideqah

Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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