good intentions

It’s entirely possible that this is part two of the previous post since it was about managing time.  Very few times in our live we do something without intent. . .maybe never.  Our intentions are either good or evil.  Evil is easy, good is a lot harder.

Our lives are just a series of events; we move day to day to get this done or that, or so it seems.  Because we see life this way, we must have intent to keep us going in a direction.  Those who operate from an immoral worldview generally have evil intent.  Those who hold morality in high regard sometimes have good intent, but still have the inherent drive to be selfish, and thus, produce evil intent.

How do we get past this?  I asked myself this question when I started to write this blog today.  When I started this blog weeks ago, it was my intent to write everyday.  Then, time got in the way.  Overcommitted, over-tired, overworked (not really, that just sounds good), full of good intentions, I was unable to keep up the pace.

Maybe that is part of the problem. . .pace, or lack thereof. In a previous post, I talked about running and PR (personal record). I like having goals and working toward them because it presents an opportunity for a new PR.  The problem is too many goals going in too many directions at one time.  That’s where good intentions get in the way.

I’m the kind of guy who has no intention of wasting way or burning out.  I want to flame out. . .burn the candle at full-flame all the time giving off as much light as possible to as many as possible to somehow  impact their lives for God.  Right there is another problem.  If those I’m trying to impact only see me as a reckless, well-intended person, not following through. . .well, my good intentions become something else, don’t they.

What to do?  What to do?. . .Change.

Change is never easy, always necessary. Change what, you ask?  Focus is a good word.  My optometrist tells me that as I get older I have less astigmatism; my eyes are focusing better because their shape is changing, but they are still old, starting to get a bit more rigid (like my thinking) and still need correction, or change.

Life should never be considered merely a series of events. . .one leading to another, allowing for personal improvement or more profitability.  Life should always be about relationships. Be careful that your good intentions do not get in the way of your good relationships.

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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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