What should we expect?

Dugger, Indiana is a small town of about 1,000 people in middle America.  They are mostly white and apparently have a pretty strong Christian presence.  So strong, in fact, that they raised a 26-foot tall steel and cast iron cross anchored in 6 yards of concrete.  The cross says, “Jesus saves.”  The city put the cross up in 2010 after the town board approved a request by Faith Community Church.

What a story, huh?  Well, it sort of goes down hill from here.  Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, led by ultra-liberal United Church of Christ minister Barry Lynn, have declared the cross unconstitutional and have demanded that it be removed from public property because its presence is an unlawful government endorsement of Christianity.

Americans United, as they call themselves, are the ones who should be declared unconstitutional.  Why? They don’t have a legal leg to stand on.  Like all other Christ-hating, bible-denying, bleeding-heart liberal organizations, they continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the majority of Americans by suggesting, even declaring that the United States Constitution, in particular, the 1st Amendment, prohibits any government entity from recognizing or promoting in any form any particular religion or religious idea.  That is exactly what the first amendment DOES NOT do.  Read it. . .read Thomas Jefferson’s letter about the supposed “wall of separation.”  

Neither Jefferson nor the rest of the framers of our foundational documents had such a ridiculous idea in mind.  America was founded on Christian principles by Christian men who not only endorsed Christianity but required its practice by those participating in early town/city governments.  If they were opposed to Christian ideals in the public arena, why are there no extant written documents by their hands declaring such?  Why are almost all older federal buildings in Washington, DC adorned with Christian scripture and declarations?

I’ll tell you why?  The framers EXPECTED Christianity to guide our country to greatness.  And it did.  Now look what has happened.  A so-called Christian minister runs around the country trying to tear down Christianity in the public arena.  Lynn, the ACLU, MoveON, and the entire progressive movement are hell-bent on destroying the foundations upon which this country was built.

And well-meaning Americans are falling for it in the name of tolerance.  We, REAL Americans (those working and paying taxes) are supposed to tolerate every other religion in the world, especially Islamists who want to destroy us, and we are supposed to sit quietly in the corner not declaring our faith.

I have news for Lynn and his cohorts; they are wrong and I’ll tell anyone who will listen.  They have lots of money but I assure you they don’t have the blessing of nor the power of God.  When we stand up loud enough and long enough, they will have no choice but to sit down and shut up.

They talk about fairness and equality–but they are lying when they say that is what they want for everyone.  The only want to be fair to those who agree with them and they will offer their “equality’ to anyone except genuine Christians.

If you get the opportunity, find pastor Shawn Farris and Faith Community Church online and encourage them.


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Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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