It seems to me. . .

I first voted in the presidential election in 1972.  It just occurred to me that I voted for the eventual winner in every election since then, except for two presidents; Clinton & Obama. In both cases, the campaigns called for change, that’s not all that unusual because in some form all the contenders claim they will change something.

The sad truth is that very little changes, at least changes that benefit most Americans.  When democrats are in control,  the so-called poor get a boost because social programs are infused with more money.  When republicans are in control, business is the beneficiary because policies are drafted that benefit them.  Democrats are generally liberal, they are most responsible for class warfare, and they take more and more tax revenue from middle America to fund the bums that won’t work–not those who can’t work–those who won’t work.  Republicans are generally more conservative and create an economic environment where more people can find jobs and middle America feels a little more at ease.

Sadly, neither party really does much that significantly impacts middle America in a way that leaves more earnings in their pockets, more savings in their bank accounts and, hence, more perceived security for their families. Both the leading parties sponsor House and Senate bills that waste money we don’t have to begin with.

So, what’s the problem?  What’s the problem, especially in light of what we’re facing as Americans right now with the Dems seemingly in charge led by an obviously extremely liberal president?  Is president Obama the problem?  Is the Democrat party the problem?  Is the economy the problem?  Is world unrest the problem?  The answer to all these questions is uncatagorically, no.  Politics is not the problem.  Religious preference is not the problem.  Sexuality is not the problem.

The problem in America is that for most Americans, “there is no God.” I know that sounds a little strange, but it is absolutely true.  Average Americans live as if God does not exist; they live as if the “Big Bang” is not a stupid theory, but fact.  They live as if there are no consequences for bad habits and bad morals; they live as if they have no responsibility to defend their nation or their neighbor; they live for only for themselves with pride and greed as their guiding principles.  Americans are the problem in America.

Unless and until Americans turn back to the true and living God, the one who created everything and who sent His Son to die on the Cross for their sin and then rise from death to save them and give them eternal life, America is doomed to do all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons–which will eventually (sooner than later) lead to the destruction of this once great, God-fearing republic.

Oh, and BTW, we desperately need a change at the top, the White House, that is!

Published by tsideqah

Retired pastor, husband for 48 years, granddad to 4 amazing kids

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